Enjoy hardware
delivery on-demand

Work in the construction industry? We don’t have to remind you of the pain of last-minute changes and missing parts. When tradespeople, engineers and labourers work towards deadlines, all of your equipment and trade supplies need to be on-site and ready to go without the hassle. That’s where we come in.

Get your building supplies
delivered on-demand

If you want it now, get it iDlvr-ed by a team that understands exactly what you need: the right hardware and building supplies delivered quickly and easily. We help you get the job done by providing you with fast and reliable deliveries so you can focus on the project at hand. With iDlvr, you can expect your construction and building materials to be delivered on time and in shape.

No matter the size or distance from the store or supplier, we’re proud to offer our customers the benefit of on-demand delivery for hardware and building supplies. Get it iDlvr-ed to get the job done.

Get your building supplies delivered on-demand

Download the iDlvr app

Nobody wants to spend hours (or days) waiting on hardware delivery, and now you don’t need to. The iDlvr app makes it easy for builders and contractors to place deliveries for the hardware and building supplies they need when they need them. Once ordered, an iDlvr delivery driver will pick up your order from the supplier and deliver it straight to you. With the app’s in-built ordering and tracking system, you can track your items every step of the way.

Download the iDlvr app on iOS or Android to get started today.

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Get immediate delivery on all materials from
your favourite suppliers across Australia

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A vehicle for every job

Our fleet of delivery vehicles includes cars, utes, vans, flatbed trucks, tipper trucks, and covered trucks. That means no matter what you need delivered, we have a driver with the right vehicle to get it to you. We’re equipped to handle heavy loads, with expertise in delivering large items. Plus, you can even request additional delivery drivers to make bulky deliveries even easier.

A delivery vehicle for every job

How much does iDlvr cost?

We strive to make our pricing structure as straightforward and transparent as possible.

The price you see when placing your order is the price you pay.

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Never lose an order with real-time tracking

We understand how tight scheduling can be on a building or construction project. That’s why we offer our customers and suppliers a delivery app that lets them know precisely where the driver is. With real-time delivery tracking, messaging capabilities within the app and third-party pick-up authentication, the iDlvr app is a secure choice for handling your delivery.

Track your order with real-time mapping
Message your driver directly in the app
Focus on your business or job site

Focus on your business or job site

Spend less time worrying about hardware delivery and more time doing what you do best: expanding your business or focusing on your project. We take the stress out of tracking the location of construction materials so you can stay active on the job site and continue meeting deadlines. Just pull out your phone and check the iDlvr app to see exactly where your materials are.

Enjoy service designed for the construction industry

Enjoy service designed for the construction industry

We noticed a need for on-demand trade materials delivered on-site, so we’ve custom-built our business to meet the needs of the construction industry. Enjoy hardware delivery on-demand, and get building supplies delivered exactly when you need them.

Get in touch with the team at iDlvr

If you’re looking for a company to deliver your building materials, whether that’s between construction sites or across the country, iDlvr is here to help. We understand the complexity of transporting hardware and building supplies between projects - and the costs of delaying even a few hours.

Got questions about our services, our delivery app, or whether our delivery system will work for specific materials? Contact us today through the chat in the bottom right corner of our website or call 1300 0-IDLVR.

Get in touch with the team at iDlvr